The EHCA Members Area contains information especially intended for persons who are currently members in good standing.

Access to this area requires registration (separate from the registration for the forum section). The name under which membership is recorded with EHCA must be provided in the registration process so the website administrator may confirm eligibility, but that name will not be exposed to other users of the board. If dues are not kept current, access to this section may be suspended. Anyone who thinks their access has improperly been denied or suspended may use the Contact Us button on the left to alert the site administrator. It may take a couple days after registration for access to be granted. You will receive an email notifying you when your registration has been activated.

In this area you will find information including:

• Exclusive information on growing and processing cacao and making chocolate
• Information on upcoming special events
• Special information on markets for products
• Back issues of the EHCA newsletter
• Governing documents for EHCA

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